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"Windows - Microsoft"

Operativni sistem Microsoft Windows, or Microsoft Windows Operating System, is a graphical interface operating environment that enables the computer’s hardware to function, as well as allow other applications to run on the computer.

Windows is the name of the suite of operating systems provided by Microsoft, where versions vary depending on their features and services, as well as for what purpose the OS will be utilized, i.e. server, end-user or mobile user.

The latest end-user version of the OS is Windows 8; for the server, the latest version is Windows Server 2012; while for mobile users, the most current mobile version is Windows Mobile 8.

Microsoft Windows operating systems provide the user with a Control Panel where system’s services are displayed and can be accessed to change their settings, to add or remove programs and also to manage user accounts.

For advanced users, the Windows console provides the user with a command-line window for accessing applications and programs by inputting corresponding commands. Windows also provides the user with a restore utility that allows the user to revert the system back to a working configuration in the event of system failure, through the System Restore utility.

Most laptops and desktops come pre-installed with Windows OS. An installation CD may also be purchased from the Microsoft website or computer shops.

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