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Cubase is a program that offers solutions to all kinds of musical genres. It lets users edit, mix, and record songs. It supports music genres like experimental indie pop, orchestral arrangements, and electronic music or enthralling metal. This software is ideal for songwriters, bands, producers, film composers, electronic music producers, and vocalists. It presents a wide variety of navigating features that makes the software easy to understand and operate.

For songwriters, they can compose and record songs through the electric tools provided by the Cubase. It includes features like automatic voicing harmonization and assistance for music compositions especially for chord sequences.

With this software, bands are allowed can have a mixing desk and individual cue mix at the Control Room. In addition, music producers and audio engineers are offered with an audio engine tool and integration with studio gears. On the other hand, film composers are provided with a separate video track that features a score editor with 100+ notation symbols. Moreover, synths and effects that lets electronic music producers with tools to create expressive electronic music. It has advanced Drum, a variety of editing tools, remote control integration, and key and list editor. Finally, a complete toolset for correction and enhancement is offered to fit the need of vocalists.

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