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"CRM Software - Customer Relationship Management | Sage US"

ACT is software from Sage that is now more commonly known as Sage ACT! The software is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that provides users with a database management system for organizing client information, which helps in monitoring client data.

The database can be accessed and shared by authorized personnel, providing companies with a single database for all client details. Sage ACT! comes in 2 versions: Sage ACT! Pro and Sage ACT! Premium.

Sage ACT! Pro is a Windows-based program whose usage is recommended for up to ten persons only, while the Premium version can support up to thirty users at a time, depending on the server with which the network is connected to.

Both versions are equipped with a security system that blocks unauthorized access to the database. The Premium version has an added feature of field-level security. Also, with the Premium version, users are given the option to get hosting services from Sage; either a Cloud hosting service or on-premise hosting service.

The programs are for purchase, but a 30-day free trial is provided by the developer.

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