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2010 Lacerte Tax software from Intuit Inc. provides tax professionals with tools for filing of tax returns and tax preparation. The 2010 version of the software includes a Fiduciary 1041 Tax Organizer, which enables users to gather data needed for the preparation of tax returns for clients. The new feature can be accessed through the Tools option of the 2009 Tax Fiduciary program.

The software also features the ProForma Access Rights tool that enables tax professionals to protect their client’s tax returns which are already in progress so that these do not get modified in any way.

With 2010 Lacerte Tax software, additional business states and Fiduciary returns were included in the e-filing system of the tax program, these include Federal 1041, Colorado 1065, 1120 and 1120S; Georgia 1065, Illinois 1120; Minnesota 1065, 1120 and 1120S; Montana 1065, 1120 and 1120S; and New York 1041.

To optimally run the software, developers recommend Windows XP SP3, Vista Professional or higher and Windows 7 Professional or higher, in either 32-bit or 64-bit platform.

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