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"Intuit: small business, personal finance and tax software"

2012 Lacerte Tax is a professional accounting program published by Intuit and is mainly used by firms and individuals in the US. Intuit has a series of Lacerte tax software under its division on Professional Accounting and they are released every year. The 2012 version is one of the most recent and still has some of the features of the previous packages.

There are also significant changes in the 2012 Lacerte Tax version as compared to its predecessor 2011 Lacerte Tax software. These changes are mostly seen in the electronic filing capabilities of the platform. This is due to the accounting and taxation of policy of the United States which allows electronic filing but only in particular states. Another addition to the software feature is the State Return Module Pricing. Aside from the newly added e-files in the program, the user can also make use of new reporting templates for better tracking of work and for easier filing of income tax returns.

The software 2012 Lacerte Tax also comes with trial balance functionality as well as an electronic organizer that can be used to store pertinent data about clients.

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