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Cooking Academy-World Cuisine is also the same as Cooking Academy 2:World Cuisine. It is a game program that enables users to learn Chinese cuisine.

The player’s main role is to prepare recipes. Preparation, however, should be made as quickly as possible before the time runs out. The player advances to the next level if he/she finished the task in the least time possible. There are a number of recipes to be prepared but the most important task is to prepare Chinese cuisine, among others.

The recipe preparations are done at the Golden Dragon Restaurant. So, the main goal of this game is to make the restaurant grow. To do this, a customer’s order will be provided and that is what the player should prepare. Use the mouse to point and pick each ingredient needed to complete the order. The player has to use the exact ingredients to get the order correct before serving it to the customers. Doing every procedure correct and quick will earn the player some cash. The cash earned will then be used to purchase more ingredients which will make the Golden Dragon Restaurant progress.

Playing the Cooking Academy-World Cuisine teaches each player the Chinese food and its cuisine. It has been played by 1,599 people.

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