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"Mikogo: Free Screen Sharing and Online Meeting Software"

Mikogo is a platform that is used for on-line videoconferencing which is also used as a desktop sharing software. The software can be used for both communication and presentation needs of companies or individuals. This platform was developed and released by the company called BeamYourScreen.

Mikogo can accommodate 25 participants from different parts of the world. With this desktop sharing platform, users may immediately and conveniently share applications as well as screen contents and documents with other participants of the meeting. Sharing can be executed using a simple click on the button.

Mikogo can also be used for distance learning where students and educators can meet and share materials. It also serves a venue for webinars and product presentations. With the use of the software, presenters can be switched from one person to another. Transmissions can also be paused and resumed. The software also lets users conduct meetings with the use keyboard as well as mouse control. A participant pointer is also available which can be used when meeting of multiple participants are held. Applications and other features can also be disabled depending on the content f the meeting and preference of the organizer.

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