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"Autodesk - Autodesk Inventor View"

The Autodesk Inc., InventorView software is one of the free viewer applications Autodesk makes available for free as read-only counterparts for its products. These applications are intended to allow users to access files created with Autodesk products without actually providing those users the ability to make changes to the files. As such, they are often deployed as limited collaboration or evaluation software to members of a design team who either do not have permission to alter the working design of a project or who are unable to install the (higher-footprint and edit-capable) Autodesk graphics software on their systems. Since the viewer applications need only be capable of viewing and printing files, they take up much less space than the actual graphics applications, consume less RAM, and can generally run with lower system resources.

The Inventor View program is particularly for files made with Inventor, as may be guessed from the name. That means it can view files with the IDW, IPT and IAM extensions. It is not the only viewer in Autodesk’s lineup that an open those files—Autodesk 360 Tech Preview, for instance, can open them too—but it is restricted to only those files.

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