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"3D CAD Design Software SOLIDWORKS"

DWGeditor is a short name for drawing editor. It is a digital CAD editor specifically designed to aid architects and mechanical engineers, which was developed by the Solid Works Company.

DWGeditor can generate powerful 2D drawings and 3D designs such as architectural plans, and mechanical drawings. Users can effectively add measurements and lines in the sheet of the window. DWGeditor has the same feature with AutoCAD software. It supports different colors for 3D and 360 degree view where the artist can utilize all the designs. The user can also easily check the designs and drawings right after generating shapes. The software also has a magnetic pole in which the user can view the automatic measurements. Aside from this, the information and designs of the finished drawings can also be imported to a new template for faster creation of plans.

DWGeditor and all its tools support the Windows environment for its workspace. However, when installed, the software requires a high resolution monitor, high quality processor and an HD video card. This is due to the fact that the software is big in size and high quality 3D designs that may consume a lot of RAM space.

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