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The eMule Link Creator is an optional utility in eMule that generates a link (that can be shared on a website or email, for example) from a given file. This link can then be used to download that file on the network based from the "filehashes" the link points to.

eMule is the successor of the eDonkey project and is a peer-to-peer, commonly abbreviated as P2P, file sharing application for Windows computers. First developed in 2002 by Merkur who saw a lot of ways to improve the eDonkey 2000 client, eMule connects to both the eDonkey network (which it was initially made as a fork of) and the Kad network, and is often compared to the BitTorrent file sharing protocol. As of early 2012, eMule is the most downloaded and most popular application on SourceForge, tallying over 639 million downloads in the ten years of its existence.

eMule is written on C++ using the Microsoft Foundation Classes, and is classified as freeware licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Its popularity has led independent developers to create their mods or modifications of eMule, and even other cross-platform eMule-based clients such as aMule and xMule.

eMule's main features are the direct exchange of sources between users (called "client nodes"), and the hassle-free resumption and recovery of failed and corrupted downloads. It also uses a credit system as an incentive to upload frequently, and transfers data between clients in chunks of zlib compression to help save bandwidth.

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