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"10tons Ltd. - Bubblefish Bob"

Bubblefish Bob is a 2D computer game published by 10tons. This is a Windows-based arcade type of a game where Bob the fish is on a quest to save his fish friends trapped inside bubbles. The aim of the game is to strike three similarly-colored bubbles to free the fishes trapped in each of their bubbles.

Monster fishes that look like piranhas, and with sharp teeth exposed, are waiting to eat the fishes. The bubbles must be popped before they reach the monster fishes’ open mouths and be swallowed whole. This game is categorized as a marble (bubble) popper game. Bubble colors are green, blue and orange. Bob has to shoot the right bubble color to hit the chain, i.e. green for green bubble chain. Bob also gets extra lives and increases his score when he catches treasures falling down the sea.

Bubblefish Bob requires DirectX (5.0 or higher). The game runs on Windows, generally from Windows XP and Windows Vista. It can be downloaded from affiliate websites. The full version of the game is offered for purchase.

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