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The GetPlus is an application developed by NOS Ltd., is a third-party download manager, which allows for accelerated downloading, segmented downloading, download resumption, and other useful features that a download manager can do. However, the GetPlus for Adobe is a required download to download and install some of Adobe's most basic products, which includes the Adobe Flash Player and the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Although it is harmless in itself, GetPlus have gone under severe scrutiny by security experts and vigilant computer end-users as Adobe forces people to install GetPlus first before they are able to download Adobe products, and it also creates a 1.8 MB junk on your computer that is totally unnecessary as you need only to download the Adobe software, not packaged with another application. According to experts, GetPlus also creates a startup item, which slows computer boot times. To this end, some have recommended a workaround to download Adobe products without using GetPlus.

The Adobe Flash Player is software that enables the user to view and enjoy multimedia applications on either computers or mobile devices. It’s a plugin available for most browsers, although Google Chrome has packaged the components directly in its installation file. The Adobe Flash Player is capable of decoding SWF files, or Flash, which contains multimedia content such as images, video, or music, or even a combination of all three in a relatively small file format that can also be embedded in websites.

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