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Sonic Backup Executable is software that provides the user with a tool to backup executable files stored on the computer. Executable files are the main components of various software programs and systems processes which enable them to launch their applications and features.

Executable files are often targeted by viruses, using these to load malicious files on the computer. Executable files may also be subject to damage or corruption, which is why backing up the files is important. With a backup utility to copy and store the exact images of the files, the user is provided with a “spare” file that can be restored from the backup folder or external device in the event that the original becomes corrupted or damaged, or is unable to execute properly.

The user has the option to backup specific files or copy an entire folder or disk drive. The backup process may be done in the background, allowing the user to continue using the computer simultaneous with the backup process. Backups may also be done on schedule, as determined by the user.

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