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DigitalMedia Home is an audio and video software from gamings and multimedia publishing company Sonic. It allows users to copy and burn content to CDs and DVDs easily. With the DigitalMedia Home, Sonic strengthens its lead in the multimedia industry by easily bringing hollywood to home, attracting not just individual users but entire households as customer base.

With various audio and video file formats and an array of recording and storage devices for such files, incompatibility issues arose rendering DigitalMedia Home unable to write, record and play files. With this, host devices that play the Sonic DigitalMedia Home, particularly HP have come up with an update for the utility. The update is installed as a patch and meant to enhance Sonic DigitalMedia Home's compatibility with DVD-R media devices incorporating double-layer features.

The update is also meant to provide solution to crash and display errors when used in Windows Media Player 11. which HP has successfully identified. This include inability to write on DVDs when using the version 7 of the software.

One update is the Sonic DigitalMedia Plus known by its file extension name sp26721.exe. The update runs on Microsoft windows XP Home, Media Center edition and Professional. A Sonic DigitalMedia Plus system is required and administration privilege is needed to install the update successfully.

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