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"FinalTorrent - The easy Torrent Client"

FinalTorrent is Bitberry’s exclusive torrent client, part of Bitberry’s commitment to simple and intuitive programs that can be used by any computer user regardless of skill or experience level. The FinalTorrent client personifies this by being easy to use and convenient even for novice users, who may be put off by the torrent standard as being too complicated or high-level; it has several features that make it a hit even for those who may just be starting their first torrent downloads.

FinalTorrent includes all the features of other, bigger torrent clients like Vuze and BitComet, with the added advantage of being smaller and less intrusive in the user’s system. One of these is the browser integration feature, which can enables you to capture and start torrent downloads on the browser; you can, for example, you can capture a torrent file on a website and start a download session automatically with FinalTorrent as soon as you click the link. In addition, you can immediately search for torrents on the client itself, since BitBerry has partnered with a number of torrent download websites – all legal – so you can start a download at your convenience. Another is the library, where you can access your currently downloading and completed files.

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