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"Create ZIP files, open RAR files, open ZIPX files, open ISO files and many other file types as easy as 1-2-3!"

BitZipper is an all-on-one file compression tool. Like WinZIP and WinRAR, BitZipper can open and extract files located inside an archive, or pack a group of files into a compressed archive which can be opened with another similar program.

Compressed files, or archives, are a group of files or folders that are “compressed” so they take up less space on your harddrive. However, to access these files, an unpacking software must be used to “extract” the contents of the archive. BitZipper is one such program, among many, though it has some new features that are exclusive to the software.

One such feature is the ability to unpack or pack files using the .zipx file compression method, first introduced by WinZIP in version 14. ZIPX is a far superior compression process, which results in a smaller file size but with reduced chances of file corruption. Only BitZipper, aside from WinZIP, can unpack and pack ZIPX files, which is particularly useful as it’s fast becoming the standard archive format used today.

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