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"OCR Software from ABBYY. Best text recognition for Windows and Mac"

The ABBYY FineReader is an OCR software, which stands for optical character recognition. In layman’s terms, an OCR software turns scanned images to text, which can then be edited by a word processor or a similar application. Most of ABBYY’s software are focused on desktop publishing, and the Fine Reader, being one of their most popular and most visible software, does not disappoint. Judging from its claims, the Fine Reader has one of the highest image-to-text conversion accuracies among its contemporaries, and a very high recognition ability.

There are two editions of the software available – the Professional and Corporate Editions. The first one is for small-scale and personal usage, the last for workgroups and in a corporate setting, which is packed with additional features for collaborative projects. In addition, there is also a repackaged ABBYY Fine Reader for Mac, the Fine Reader Express.

OCR is a very useful and important tool for businesses, enterprises, and even for self-employed professionals who deal with desktop publishing or documents on a daily basis. OCR software, like the Fine Reader, convert images (from a scanned document, for example), back into text, so they can be filled in, such as a form, which can then be resubmitted or stored for future reference.

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