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"AVS Photo Editor - edit your photos, apply effects and presets."

AVS Photo Editor is a basic image editing program developed by Online Media Technologies Ltd. The software allows the user to perform basic photo editing such as image cropping, red eye correction, sharpen or soften tones; adjust colors, white balance, brightness and saturation; and remove flaws (spots or blemishes) from the photos. Photo effects include rendering the photos in sepia tone, acetic monochrome or B & W.

The main window of the program’s Graphical User Interface opens three windows for viewing pictures prior to editing: the Navigator window, which displays a specific photo in small view, the Preview Area, which displays the photos either as thumbnails or in Full Screen view for displaying a single photo; and the Navigation Panel which displays thumbnails of the photos per folder.

When a photo has been selected, click on the Edit tab beside the Browser tab to start editing. When the Edit window opens, editing tools are provided at the left side of the window. Here, editing options are displayed: Presets, White Balance, Tone Corrections, Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, Detail, Smart Corrections, Vignettes and Watermark.

The software was developed to run on Windows systems. This is paid software, offered for subscriptions.

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