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AVS Cover Editor is free software from Online Media Technologies Ltd., a UK-based developer of software for multimedia processing. The AVS Cover Editor software is made available online through AVS4YOU, which is a project initiated by the company specifically to provide the tools necessary for multimedia processing, i.e. ripping, burning, converting, editing and sharing of optical media files.

The software, AVS Cover Editor, allows users to create disc and disc box covers, of any size. With the software, the user can create different labels for each recorded disc, whether this is a Blu-Ray disc, a DVD or a VCD copy.

If you are not yet ready to print your label, you can save the file as a Project File, by clicking the “Save as” option from the menu under the Application Button. You can also click on “Save” directly from the Home Tab.

There are shortcut keys that you can use to execute commands directly from the User Interface, i.e. Shift+Ctrl+E to export images, Ctrl+Home to display the object from the editing pane to the foreground, Ctrl+End to bring the object back to the background and F1 for Help.

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