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Palm Desktop is an application for Palm devices. This Palm companion allows the user to synchronize all their data stored on the device to the computer, functioning as a backup utility for the user’s important files saved in their Palm device.

Data synched on the computer can be edited by the user through the Palm Desktop application. Users can edit their Calendar and Contacts, To-Do Lists or Tasks, and Notes/Memos. Once editing is completed, the updated/edited data can then be copied to the device so data stored on the gadget have the same updates as the ones on the computer.

The software may also be utilized as a standalone application. The user can still utilize the Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes applications integrated into the software even without the Palm PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Palm Desktop is usually included in every purchase of a Palm PDA. The user can also find this in the Palm website, as a free download. The software is compatible with Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS and Mac OS X.

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