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"Music-, Video-, Graphic & Photo Software - MAGIX"

The Magix Photo Clinic software is a graphics editor with myriad editing tools. The program lets users apply logged edits to images, so they can track their work through a histogram. There are selection tools for precise object or area editing as well as text tools for adding captions, titles and other text objects to pictures. The utility also has a magic wand tool. While it has selective precision editing tools such as these, there are also general editing options with provisions for automatic adjustment: automatic color enhancement is possible, for instance, as is a one-click contrast optimization (although users can also set the contrast levels manually). Images can be sharpened, colors can be diffused, and Gaussian blurring can be applied and so on. The program is loaded with masks and filters for quick photo editing.

Object orientations and positions can be manipulated using the program. There are also drawing and painting tools. Furthermore, users can combine multiple shots of the same scene to form panoramic image files. The utility also has printing abilities as well as a print-screen command. The program is a Windows application and is compatible with Windows 7.

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