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Ashampoo Movie Studio contains the things that users need to edit and produce their very own home movies from beginning to end, in a step-by-step function. Users will be able to cut, trim and convert their own videos, as well as include background music. They can apply transition effects and text overlays. Files can be exported and burned onto discs.

Ashampoo Movie Studio comes with different features that users need to produce and edit their home videos. They can shorten scenes, or cut them out entirely and remove unwanted commercials as well. Scenes can be seamlessly blended together with transitions. These provide users with a seamless movie experience with good transitions between scenes, and include some cinematic depth to their movies. Users can state their own point with overlays, and ensure that viewers don’t have to miss the message with animated or scrolling texts. Users can utilize some fine-tuned controls to change the level of brightness, saturation, and contrast. They can play around with sounds and lights by including background music, and changing volumes and playback speeds. Subtle effects such as Sepia can be included to bring more intensity.

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