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"Microsoft Office | Productivity Tools for Home & Office"

Microsoft Office Mondo – English is basically Microsoft Office 2013 and is particularly designed for Windows 8. It is designed to be used for new User Interface with Touch capabilities.

In this specific version of Office, you can work on interface via touch screen capabilities. This is one of the objectives on Microsoft to provide newer capabilities more than just upgrading the usual functionalities of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The new Office is expected to have an integrated cloud-based solutions and other features such as Lync, SharePoint, Visio, and Project. This is a new endeavor of Microsoft and is expected to be released anytime this year -2013.

This version of Microsoft office is designed to respond and function as it does with the conventional keyboard and mouse. Swiping the screen lets you move, zoom in or out, a particular document for viewing. It is also possible to work with this Office version using a stylus for digital inking.
Microsoft Office Mondo – English can be used with the Surface Tablet of Microsoft or with Windows 8 PC and will highlight applications for ‘business productivity’. It is also expected to compete with Google Apps, particularly its Office 365.

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