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"IBM Collaboration Solutions - Lotus software"

IBM Lotus WordPro is the first word processing software ever released for Windows that was considered “complete” in its functions. It bears some similarities to Microsoft’s Word software, having preceded it and arguably set the bar for word processors during its release. It was in fact a descendant of another word processor in itself, though, with the earlier version of the program being called Ami Pro.

While the program is considered dated software by some, there are still people using it; it is capable of running on certain Windows operating systems. It is currently distributed by IBM as part of its Smart Suite office software and has been reported to work normally with Windows 7 operating systems using the x86 version. Systems with the 64-bit version of Windows 7, however, may have compatibility issues with the program.

The software saves files by default in a native file format using the LWP extension. While these cannot be opened by Microsoft Word, they can be opened by some file conversion applications. Furthermore, the WordPro software itself is capable of saving documents in formats other than LWP, and can save files in the MS Word format.

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