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"Video editing software | Download free Adobe Premiere Pro CC trial"

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the most elaborate video editing software by Adobe Systems Inc. It was first released as an Adobe Premiere. It was made for professional video productions and video streaming. It was developed as part of the Adobe Creative Suite for multimedia editing and rendering. Adobe Premiere's features include color grading pipeline together with Adobe Speed Grade CC. This technology provides a detailed resolution for motion pictures, transition effects and fast rendering of videos. Adobe Premiere also includes support in expanded native 4K, Ultra HD, and RAW formats. Apart from this, the new release of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC improved its multi-cam editing for editors who works with multiple videos at the same time.

Moreover, the Adobe Premiere is virtually connected to the Creative Cloud, the virtual storage of Adobe tools in the internet. This technology enables the users to download and sync in the features of the Premiere. These tools can be manipulated through any computer that has an Adobe Premiere installed as well. Included in the features of the Creative Cloud is its Collaboration and sharing features. This helps the editors work in the same video from different places at the same time. The Adobe Premiere is compatible with other Adobe Creative Suite. It can work with the Adobe After Effects and Photoshop for a better video editing. The software is also designed for the Windows and Mac OS. It requires a high specification of hardware, especially in its video card and processor for an efficient and smooth flow of work. It needs at least 512mb of RAM and an Intel Dual Core 3.00GHz Processor.

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