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"PDF Reader | Nuance"

PDF Viewer Plus is software that provides the user with an application for managing PDF documents. The software is included in the PaperPort (versions 12 and 14) document management software, so users will have this installed on their system when PaperPort installs.

Apart from allowing users to view PDF files, the program also allows for annotating, creating and sharing PDF documents. It includes a search tool that allows the user to find items contained within the PDF document via text or alphanumeric pattern. Users are likewise enabled to fill-out PDF forms, and convert MS Word, Excel and Rich Text Format (RTF) files to PDF format.

During installation, the user may be prompted to enable PDF Viewer Plus to install as the computer’s default PDF viewer. On the other hand, if no PDF viewer is currently installed on the system, the software will automatically install as a default PDF viewer. Setting the program as the default PDF viewer means that whenever any PDF file is accessed, the program will automatically launch. It does not need to be manually started.

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