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"Adobe Captivate 9 - Create eLearning Content For Any Device"

Adobe Captivate is a software program from Adobe Systems that enables the user to create interactive content in High Definition for product demos, eLearning tutorials, application or program simulations and project presentations.

The user can integrate audio into their interactive content, capture workflows in video mode, add or edit transitions for a smoother flow of the content, and include captions for brief descriptions of each screen presentation. For desktop publishing, you can create content in the SWF format.

On top of all these, the user can also create interactive content compatible with mobile devices, through the HTML5 publishing feature of the software. Simply click on HTML5 on the Output Format options, from the Publish window, choose the media type and the preset size, i.e. YouTube Widescreen SD (640 x 360) or 640 x 480.

Briefly, Adobe Captivate enables the user to record software simulations or video demos, edit each slide of your content; preview the project, playing it per slide to see the content of each one, or playing it in its entirety; and publish your content once you are satisfied with the project.

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