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Modern toolbars are designed for one thing only: to make easier Internet browsing, and help today’s society that is mostly delighted with the idea of multi-tasking. The Blekko Toolbar is one such toolbar (also called the Spam Free Search Bar) and is officially designed by the makers of Blekko, a fast search engine that filters spam and inconsequential results from its search index, and is designed to be easily installed and removed, if need be. It features a search feature that is powered by the Blekko engine (with all its attendant spam filtering capabilities), plus other functionalities. However, like all toolbars, the Blekko Search Bar is made with the idea of being a visual or a convenient way to store your bookmarks. It will feature your bookmarks, or at least your most popular sites, in one easy location for one click access, as big buttons right on the face of your browser.

Toolbars and browser plugins like the Blekko Search Bar have gained notoriety for their propensity to clog a computer’s performance, most notably browsers like Internet Explorer of which a majority of these toolbars are designed for. However, the developers of the Blekko Search Bar explains that their software can be easily removed in case the user does not wish to use it anymore, and that it’s not a security or privacy risk as it does not transmit any information whatsoever through the Internet.

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