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"ArcSoft PhotoStudio-a powerful, feature-rich but easy-to-use photo editing application"

ArcSoft Photo or ArcSoft Photo Studio is a computer program that enables the user to edit photos. The library of editing tools that the software provides allow the user to manipulate their photos to render these in an enhanced fashion, with all of the user’s desired effects in place.

Photo editing tools that the user can choose from include cloning, photo enhancement, brushes, stamps, transform effects and text layers. The software also includes several automatic enhancers such as auto exposure, auto de-noise, and scratch removal.

The software likewise features a High Dynamic Range utility, which is basically utilized to render the photos in three different exposure modes. The three exposure modes are displayed on the browser panel at the bottom of the viewing window, providing the user with an instant view of all three.

The user interface displays the tools dock on the left side of the main window, while the navigation, histogram and layers panels are each displayed on the right side of the main window.

ArcSoft Photo Studio is software designed for Windows. A 15-day trial version can be downloaded and used for free.

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