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The Business Card Factory created by MicroVision Development helps the user create, not only a different kind of business card but also unique resumes, sales proposals, brochures and multimedia presentation. This software is carried by the SureThing label, a company run by MicroVision Development which is known for its disk labeling. This business card kit has plenty of appropriate templates and backgrounds to choose from allowing the user to give his or her business card, resume or any presentation a professional touch.

This software can be operated under the Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows 98 operating systems. It also comes with complete editing tools to help the user perfect every picture. Letterheads, forms, envelopes, memos, invoices and fax sheets may also be made using this software. To complete any presentation or business card, this software also allows the user to chose any video, text, audio clip or music and links for a more eye-catching and impressive outcome.

The Business Card Factory is also great for users who are not so adept in using technical programs because of its user-friendly interface which works well for college applications.

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