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"Calme - Calendars made easy"

Calme is a program that lets users design custom calendars and planners on their computers, then print them out for use. The software has English and German localizations and an even larger number of available languages for the actual calendar text (such as the names of the months and days of the week).

Users of the program are able to select any out of a dozen templates for their calendar projects. They can then customize their project by making their own selections of such design elements as colors, themes, images, and more. Users can even select the layout’s orientation, so it is possible to make both horizontal and vertical calendars using it.

The software is also able to create calendars with the holidays marked out and named. It has its own database (which users can update) of holidays for different countries, so users can simply opt to include them automatically in their calendar layouts. Users can also select the sizes of their calendars for optimized printing and gain access to free automated updates.

The program is freeware and uses Java Version 7: it is only for Windows computers.

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