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Microsoft Money is a stand-alone product, originally part of the Microsoft Home series, which is geared for personal finance management, similar to Intuit’s far more popular Quicken program. Microsoft Money was later discontinued in 2009, and all support for the application was pulled out in January 2011; however, Microsoft introduced a quasi-successor of the Microsoft Money series, Money Plus Sunset, a downloadable and free application that contained most of the features of Microsoft Money (although it does not support the import of saved data from non-US editions, except for the Canadian edition, of Microsoft Money). Originally released in 1991 running on Windows 3.0, 16 iterations of the product were released until 2008; additionally, experts and industry insiders believe that Money is effectively scrapped and there will be no further release of the product in the future.

Microsoft Money, like Quicken, enables users to create financial records like bank account balances, budget lists, track expenses in a certain time period, among others. Money’s purpose was to create an accounting book of the assets of a certain household versus the daily costs and expenses, and integrate it with taxes, bank accounts, and outside factors. It was localized into other languages as well.

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