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Microsoft Flight Simulator - A Century of Flight is one of a series of flight simulation games developed for Microsoft Windows users. The first Microsoft Flight Simulator game was released sometime in 1982, and more than two decades later, Microsoft Flight Simulator - A Century of Flight was released.

The software was also released in time with the marking of the Wright Brothers’ 100th anniversary; thus, users will find the Wright Flyer as one of the choices for aircrafts included in the game.

The game includes a real-time weather engine that allows players to acquire actual weather information from real weather stations. This provides the player to plan their flight based on real-time weather conditions. As the player flies through the air, a 3D view of the terrain and 3D clouds appear for a more realistic flying experience.

An interactive ATC (Air Traffic Control) is also included, which provides the user with information on air traffic in any location across the globe. Microsoft Flight Simulator - A Century of Flight is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP.

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