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AVS Audio Recorder is an audio streaming and recording software created by Online Media Technologies. The company launched its stable and compact release last November 2010. The software was developed for media producers and studios. It was rendered free for download so that it can be used by everyone including individuals. In addition, the stable release was redesigned by Online Media Technologies. Its user interface was improved so that users can navigate through it easily.

AVS Audio recorder, from its name itself, it basically records audio soundtracks in an unlimited of time. It has a built in effects to choose from. These effects can be applied in the tracks. The software supports most input devices such as microphone, lapels and receivers. Moreover, it also supports existing audio projects and final audio files for editing. Apart from the common features in recording, the AVS Audio recorder can also serve as a media player. It supports most audio formats such as mp3, wav and wma formats. It has a playlist feature in which the user can arrange his tracks for playback.

The AVS audio recorder runs in Windows operating system. It is widely used in Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The software may require to have a good quality sound card for a better output. The program is easy to download because the file size is just 19.55 MB. Thus, with a high speed internet, downloading the software would take less than a minute.

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