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Rebate Informer is a desktop application developed by Inbox.com for Rebate Giant, a coupons and rebates website that offers promos and other offers when you shop through their store (or through Rebate Informer). To get these rebates, you must have a working bank account so they can wire you the rebates you were eligible for, an account at Rebate Giant, and finally an installation of Rebate Informer on your computer since this is what you are using for to shop for products and have the rebates linked to your account.

You can’t shop through Rebate Giant without using Rebate Informer, and it also doubles as your centralized account location without having to login at the Rebate Giant website to view your benefits and other account information. During installation, Inbox.com will also try to give you the option to bundle the Inbox.com Toolbar for your browser and to set your default search engine and homepage to Inbox.com, but this is optional and you can bypass this step.

Rebate Informer has been accused of being a malware (specifically a spyware) and has been recommended by experts to be removed, if you are not using it. Some computers also come with Rebate Informer preloaded.

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