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"Nero 2015 Platinum: Established quality - now even better > Download > Buy > Upgrade"

Nero Micro is a stripped down version of Nero Burning Rom. Nero Micro only contains Nero Burning ROM with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins, and Nero Express. Operating systems include Windows Vista, and Windows XP. There is another customized installer that is available which is called Nero Micro. It only installs Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express.

The installer’s size of Nero Micro is 20MB, which is quite impressive compared to huge 500MB+ the size of the official Nero Burning Rom. So if the user likes the Nero interface, but does not want to download the big setup, then Nero Micro is a solution for them. While that 190MB download might not sound like a big deal, people like system administrators, or geeks with small home LANs who like to download software just once, then carry installers on a thumb drive to do updates might not find it too amusing to use near 20% of a 1GB removable drive, just for a CD burning application.

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