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"Corel Corporation"

Corel’s Fastflick is a component of the brand’s Video Studio software, used to make video editing simpler through a combination of automation and template application. The program is bundled with common theme templates—there is a Travel template, for example—and allows users to select clips to be shown for several seconds throughout the duration of the video. This generates videos that are very slideshow-like, and also allows users to caption specific sections of their video based on the template’s captioning settings.

There are a large number of templates in Fastflick, all accessible from a tab that opens a drop-down list of all possible selections. Selections are also previewable, making it easier for users to sort through their choices. Media is added to the template via a dedicated tab and button, although drag and drop media insertion is also supported by the program. The templates have title clips that can be edited by the user, although more advanced title creation is also possible by sending Fastflick clips to Video Studio. Audio content can be added and edited in the program, and pan and zoom effects are available.

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