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This is a software program which as an art production tool allows users to do their image editing, photo retouching, and color painting. This program allows users to make original or composite artwork, collages, or photo montages. It can also be used in animation to colorize images and make audiovisual materials, as well as to produce new artwork by using new media and tools. Even though this version does not include all of the complete version’s features, these features are still found in the software: Channels, later effects and advanced layer features, an action palette for automating tasks, color separations, CMYK editing, color management capabilities, and spot color.

Other features include paths, additional color modes and filters, guides and grids, an advanced selection of capabilities, as well as editing facilities including tracking and listing recent changes to an image, multiple undoes, and 3D transformations. Photoshop LE contains type layers that have re-editable text, and assistants that can simplify multi-step operations. These include exporting transparent images, creating contact sheets, and resizing images. There is also an expanded scratch space support, as well as support for importing PDF files. Users will be able to print to PostScript 3 printers.

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