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"Apache OpenOffice - Official Site - The Free and Open Productivity Suite"

The OpenOffice.org PowerPoint, or PowerPoint analogy, is called Impress, which is used for the same purpose as Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint – a presentation program. Impress is part of the OpenOffice suite of programs, and like most of the OpenOffice software is free to download.

Just like Microsoft PowerPoint, the OpenOffice Impress application allows users to communicate visually via the use of slideshows, or media in the form of a series of slides containing any combination of text, graphics, pictures, sounds, or even short video clips that play in sequence across the screen; this is usually utilized to great effect in boardrooms and classroom lectures. Impress has essentially the same features as PowerPoint; although some minor capabilities are notably missing, such as formatting features like three-color gradients and full control of borders. In some areas, however, it is on par with PowerPoint, even outshines it completely; its Handout feature is more flexible than PowerPoint’s Handout Master, for example, and its display for Views are more intuitive and user-friendly than those of PowerPoint.

Impress can also save to different formats, such as HTML or PDF files.

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