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The Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a photo management program with limited photo editing features, which had been largely superseded with Windows Live Photo Gallery since Windows 7. Part of the Office line since Office 2003, the Picture Manager replaced the aging Microsoft Photo Editor, but was itself replaced by the Windows Live Photo Gallery when the Live Essentials suite was formed.

Essentially, the Picture Manager is an image viewer software, which allows images or photos to be accessed and viewed, unlike Paint (which is one of the two default image viewing software for Windows, at least until Windows XP) which would otherwise modify the image. The Picture Manager does not, unless modifications to the image were called up by the users themselves.

The Office Picture Manager is able to display a wide variety of image file formats, except for GIF animation, which it would just display as a static image of its first frame. It also has limited photo editing functionalities, such as red-eye removal, noise reduction, sharpening, contrasting, and even batch saving, batch renaming, or batch conversion of images. One of the Picture Manager’s highlights is that images can be shared through a SharePoint image library.

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